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Traineeship offer :

Digital Marketing Assistant job : :
Job between June and July 2015.

Description :
We look for a trainee who will be responsible for our communication on the social networks and on our English-speaking and French-speaking site to develop us in Europe and make sales by internet of one of our key services. He will have to take care of our development from start to finish: creation and regular distribution of contents (strength of proposal, excellent writing in English and if possible in French), creation of our sales page on our site, over launch and followed by small targeted campaigns and repeated, traceability, creation of a blog in English, improvement of the Web referencing, the multisite bounce, measure of evolution of attendance of our sites and blogs. Duration 2 or 3 months. Imperative written English language

Place :
Clamart (92) 25 minutes from Montparnasse.

Required conditions :
Imperative written English language, spirit of commitment, capacity to be documented.
Toughness – Strong autonomy – Customer focus – Need of concrete realizations.
Remuneration for this post: to contact us below, to send your CV and a PERSONALIZED letter by e-mail for this internship, indicating what interests you in our company, your skills and the type of internship whom you look for.

Complete file for this job :

Testimony :

Currently studying Applied mathematics and Social sciences in my 3rd year, I joined e-Labor during June as engineer of study.

I felt comfortable very quickly there. The team shows a high quality of listening, the contact between the various employees is easy, and the working atmosphere is rewarding.

E-Labor is a company of top technology, with a very formative frame and proven methodologies of project management.

If I had to summarize my mission to e-Labor in three words, it would be: interesting, enriching and extremely formative, so on the professional level as human.    D.B.

Already having an engineering degree, I left making a training for the CESI as Engineering of Networks Responsible. I joined e-Labor during October for a 3-month internship as an engineer of study Project Server on 2013. The working conditions in full greenery and with a terrace to make breaks are very pleasant. I felt very quickly comfortable there. The person in charge is very available. The team shows a high quality of listening, the contact between the various employees is easy. E-Labor is a rapidly growing dynamic company, a perfect frame to begin. The missions are varied, and the responsibilities are present !