Flash Report:

E-Labor Flash report allow to track project progress with the same items, either calculated or filled by the Project Manager itself. You can see 6 main parts in the E-Labor Flash Report :

1. Project status according to the Project Manager feeling (most reliable than calculated items).
2. Flash report shows completed and remaining milestones and dates, extracted from the Microsoft Project Planning itselft.
3. 5 main risks are uploaded on demand.
4. The report can be issued for all or only some projects at once. If the project status is set to closed and approved by a worflow the project does not appears in the pick list.
5. Project Manager put emphasis on next expected decisions.
6. A budget progress report upload the financial status of the project.

FLash report is able to be exported either on Microsoft Word or Excel, or with a TIFF image.

  • e-Labor flash report

Portfolio Report:

The e-Labor Portfolio report is different from standard Project server reports. Its 6 major features are :

1. Project status reported from the server workflow approval. By instance closed or active, or more complex if you decided to implement something more sophisticated.
2. Health KPM are issued by the PM, not from a theoretical calculation.
3. Start and finish dates according to specific milestones, not the standard project start or finish dates. This is a long awaited feature that does not exist in the Project Center.
4. Financial progress report issued from an external budget application.
5. The project manager organisation code (RBS), which is not possible in standard Project Center view.
6. The sheet can be exported to Excel for further filtering or any on demand process.