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Here is an extract of our global catalog. We are Microsoft project pure player. We train workload management, project analysis and tracking, collaborative update and Project Web app use.

On site training are open to all countries.  Click and train training are low cost solution for long distance users.  Ce sont des formations à distance dont le quorum is only 2 people, wich avoid cancelations. Course level indicate the requirement : from beginners (1) to autodidact (2) and experienced users (3)

Courses list Click and Train Duo Level Duration
             Project Management best practices  
                  M10 - The Efficient IT Project Manager   3 2
                  LM123 - Use Project Web App 2013 tasks and timesheet  X 1 1/2
                  LM093 - Pass 74-343 Microsoft Project 2013 Certification 2 5
                   LM043 - Track project and labor with Microsoft Project Professional 2013   1 3

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